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cosmic cover: green living grass

This is a cover of Trava u Doma (Green Grass at Home) from Zemlyane (Earthlings). I first heard the song as diegetic music in the Soviet teen movie Courier (1987). Courier (Курьер) on youtube

I found an English translation from youtube’s ksander182 in this video:
and adapted it a bit for lyricism.

Feel free to add space noises to this and drop me a line.

Verse 1:
Earth is in the viewport, the Earth is in the viewport
In the viewport, Earth is clearly seen
Like a son misses his mother, like a son misses his mother
We yearn for the one and only Earth

And the stars above our heads, all the stars above our heads
Are slightly closer but as always cold
And like the night before the dawn, a total eclipse of the sun
We wait for light, we dream about the Earth

We do not dream about the roaring spaceport
Not this icy cold and bluish view
We see instead the grass around our houses
This vivid green, this vivid green living grass

Verse 2:
We're flying in our orbits, in murky hidden pathways
through fields of asteroids in the beyond
Our risk and valor not in vain, the cosmic music in our veins
We feel it when we talk and when we work

When night falls and the evening glows, 
    fog wraps the globe within its arms
And slowly lets go as it fades away
The son misses his mother, the son misses his mother
She waits for him and likewise does the Earth

green living grass

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