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goulash night

lyrics, cavaquinho, and vocals by Graham
written in Sept 2018 for a special occasion

start with a metal crucible about 1 meter wide (G)
suspend it with chains from a teepee (tripod) constructed
from boughs collected and tied into an arch (a)
gravity will hopefully stabilize the oscillating system (G-a)
while there's still daylight (C-G)

now it's time to gather your specimens
imperious peppers, mysterious onions,
the stinking white rose of terrestrial garlic
will sharpen the stimulus of the final concoction
as elements thereof vaporize into the serotinal air

the scent wafts rising to a great height
the migratory birds can sense it in their flight
it's goulash night

goulash was invented long, long ago
passed down through the centuries, adapted by the peasantry 
it's chemistry, to novelties that issued from the new world
to currents of humanity that mix us up in a big casserole
the temperature is rising and the current shows no signs of ceasing (2x)

we are like wandering shepherds, around a lonely campsite
we see echoes of memory in the tongues of the fire-light
it's goulash night

goulash night

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