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the goat song

guitar instrumental by Christian of Der Tunnel
lyrics, cavaquinho, and vocals by Graham
written in January 2017

Not a day goes by that I don't think of goats
Running round the farmyard after a breakfast of oats
Climbing up a ladder with aristocratic airs
Staring you down with their steely eyes beneath their wiry hairs

The goat is only an avatar grazing in the pasture of your mind
and if you let him ruminate
he'll ponder all the mysteries that he may find

Grazing in high summer, bathing at the lake
goats are greedier for vegetation than officials on the take

goats are also related with antelopes and sheep
please don't underestimate them, their opinions are quite deep
goat can also signify the greatest of all time
clever semiotics is when a goat wears a sign
a caprine sign

Pointed like an arrow, and recursive like a quine
if a goat dives into the river
he will swim against the stream of time

then swim back to the future
they sit chewing hay
the goats of a latter day


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