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1991 song

voice and cavaquinho by yours truly
written for the 1991 themed concert, May 2018

Preparing the song for the year end musical
I could still sing the high notes, she remarked to the class
then I was pudgy but I was studying tae kwon do

ms. davis was my first black teacher
when we misbehaved we copied the dictionary or times tables
I'm starting to lose them again

that year I started double bass in the orchestra
it had a big influence on my life and my character
we would run a mile, 4 laps around the school once a year

1991, you were not so much fun
a year of chronic headaches that disappeared mysteriously thereafter
1991, as soon as you were done
the graduating class of whitehead elementary, we sang 
you are the wind beneath my wings
but the next years were socially an apocalyptic hellhole

thinking back, I don't remember a whole lot
that's why I took so many photographs during college
some people tell stories about their childhood
mine wasn't traumatic 
but I guess always been slightly ashamed about it

but the next years were socially ...


socially middle school was an apocalyptic hellhole
neither math competitions nor youth orchestra could save me
the few friends that I still count from that period
it was tough love, nerd friendship
without too much exterior... warmth

(one last chorus)
but the next years were not so great

1991 song

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