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evaluation sounds: tracks

This page contains the sound examples described in my dissertation (archived at MTG), but just the inputs and the tracks method.

These were the sounds were used for the listening test evaluation (Chapter 7).

About the methods: tracks was the proposed method combining simultaneous mixtures of source sounds, continuous selection of units from frame to frame, while operating causally (not operating on the whole future signal). The other methods are summarized in this table: Synthesis methods from dissertation

and described in the corresponding Section 7.3.2, Mosaicing Algorithms compared.

Example sounds by object code

A: target=fugue, source=boccherini, source anchor=ducks

AT (target):

AS (source):

A5 (tracks):

B: target=inflation, source=breathy, source anchor=boccherini

BT (target):

BS (source):

B5 (tracks):

C: target=madonna, source=breathy, source anchor=mandolin

CT (target):

CS (source):

C5 (tracks):

E: target=madonna, source=kidsing, source anchor=brenda

ET (target):

ES (source):

E5 (tracks):

F: target=madonnaS, source=boccherini

FT (target):

FS (source):

F5 (tracks):

G: target=orchestra, source=boccherini, source anchor=crickets

GT (target):

GS (source):

G5 (tracks):

H: target=orchestra, source=breathy

HT (target):

HS (source):

H5 (tracks):

J: target=orchestra, source=waterPour

JT (target):

JS (source):

J5 (tracks):

K: target=purenoise, source=brenda

KT (target):

KS (source):

K5 (tracks):

L: target=wordsFall, source=ducks, source anchor=mandolin

LT (target):

LS (source):

L5 (tracks):

M: target=wordsFall, source=tuning

MT (target):

MS (source):

M5 (tracks):

N: target=wordsFall, source=bees, source anchor=inflation

NT (target):

NS (source):

N5 (tracks):

attribution for sounds

Where not explictly permitted, short excerpts are used for educational purposes.

madonna: chorus from “Give It 2 Me” by Madonna

wordsFall: “Falling Slowly” from Once

fugue: Contrapunctus I from Bach’s The Art of the Fugue, interpreted by Antonio Palareti

orchestra: possibly from an online time-scaling demo

brenda: from a singing voice database (possibly Yamaha)

breathy: recorded by Alex Loscos of the MTG

bees: “20080127_1300_Panales_abejas_cerca.wav” from freesound user “Manuel Calurano” link

boccherini: “violin minuet_boccherini (edit).wav” from freesound user “FreqMan” link

kidsing: “2002_indien_kids_sing_8.wav” from freesound user “dosa1” link

inflation: “Balloon inflation.mp3” by freesound user “Perry Duke” link

waterPour: “water pour into jar.wav” by freesound user “modcam” link

tuning: “Orchestra Tuning.wav” by freesound user “gelo_papas” link

purenoise: “this is pure noise.wav” by freesound user “epanody” link

goodwill: “men of goodwill.wav” by freesound user “ERH” link

ducks: “Speaking with Ducks.wav” by freesound user “Puzze Dao” link

crickets: “FrogsAndCrickets_ExcerptB_JMA_24Bit_48k.wav” by freesound user “greysound” link

exposure: “ExcessiveExposure.wav” by freesound user “acclivity” link